"Wir alle haben eine Geschichte zu erzählen"

Info graphics for medicine and science - Infografiken für Medizin und Wissenschaft

Lizenzierbar auf: https://stock.adobe.com


Process of a systematic review

Evidence Pyramide with study types blue3D Pyramid with empty text tabs and arrowBoolean Operators AND, OR, NOT in blueEvidence Pyramid with study types in green yellowPyramid with empty text fields 7 steps in green yellowInfographic 7 step pyramid 3D grenn yellowInfographic Boolean Operators OR, AND, NOT in green yellowInfographic Evidence Pyramid blue red with study typesInfographic 3D pyramid with empty text tabs blue to redEvidence Pyramid with study types 3D blue to redEvidence Pyramid with Quality of information arrow and study types blue redBoolean Operators OR, AND, NOT in blue and red



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